Something about me

Welcome to my works and so to myself, I hope my art will make you ‘feel’ beyond what you just see!

My art is not perfect actually it’s dirty, primordial and can result controversial since it’s led by strong instincts and deep feelings rather than learnt information.

I’m a Sicilian independent artist based in Brighton since 2013.
I paint since I can remember and I have always been interested in fine arts despite not making of it my main career.
I have attended the classical high school experimental in art and I followed some art courses throughout my life. nevertheless, I consider myself self-taught in the field.

My artistic works are still very realistic, desperately trying to merge with the abstract world and eventually combining in animated colorful figures or part of them.
It is mainly inspired by my cultural roots but also by Brighton, my place where to be, along with stories, people and places that stroked me and made me dream across the years.

My work and techniques

I work mainly with acrylic but I am enthusiastic and curious about exploring different paints and materials.

Watercolours, pencils, nail polishes or chucks it doesn’t really matter if the project is on a canvas, on paper, on wood, or on a napkin, I feel this is about expressing myself and consciously not aiming to objective beauty.

I move across different subjects but I love representing ‘not perfect’ human beings as more realistic or cartoon shapes laid bare in all their hidden passions and sins.

The oversized eyes looking at you, not judging but observing, the chameleon noses breathing despite unidimensional and overhanging on small quiet mouths.
Brighton, island in the island, full of graffiti and cartoons has been my teacher in the last years to look at the human being from a different angle. the town so cosmopolitan and diverse with its shapes screaming from the walls of each street, and then fighting in each of my dense brushstrokes to bring to life a caricaturist perspective of the reality

The palette made of vivid colours come from Sicily, my motherland, the yellow of fresh lemons, the red and black of our volcano, the green of the immense lands, the blue of the deep sea surrounding us with that feeling of loneliness and majesty.
I love having clear contrast between colours and figures almost like different paintings meet up in one and like figures can come up from the black canvases, to be there, to be present without really knowing why.

I always been painting just for myself, my family and friends but once all the house walls were full I have decided to exhibit for the first time in a gallery in Brighton.

Unfortunately, I took the decision with bad timing and the covid-19 has forced me to postpone it.
I hope you could see my works in real life very soon but in the meantime, be my guest while on my site and don’t hesitate to contact me with any question or quote

My art, my world

Brighton Clock 2
Pumpkin Carving – Halloween Monsters
IX April Square in Taormina
Brighton Band Stand
Teste di moro (man)-2
One, None, hundred thousand
Elephant in Pencil
Pumpkin Carving – Halloween Monster 1
Pumpkin Carving – Halloween Witch
Frida Tryptic – Delusion
Pin Up
Sicilian Woman
Teste di moro (Woman)-1
Matteo -2
The open field
New York Clock
Brighton West Pier
Greek Theatre – Taormina
Not about what you see
Pumpkin Carving – Joker
Trinacria – Fire Paladin
Pumpkin Carving – Cheshire Cat
Frida Tryptic – Freedom
Jack Sparrow
Be like a Panda
Trinacria – Sea Paladin
Teste di moro (man)-1
Black Woman in colours
Frida Tryptic – Rage
Van Gogh – Starring Night
Santa Muerte
Brighton Girls -1
Matteo -3
Van Gogh Cover
Kyoto Clock
Pumpkin Carving – Halloween Monster
The window door
Pumpkin Carving – Halloween Monster 2
Frida Kahlo & la Santa Muerte
Teste di moro (Woman)-2
Pumpkin Carving – Santa Muerte
Rome Clock
Brighton Girls -2
Brighton Clock 1
Flowers in the lake
Matteo -1
Asian Girl

Get in touch

If you like my work and want to get in touch with me drop me a message.
I will get back to you soon!